Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I need to purchase a lock?
To keep your belongings as safe as possible, Cubes offers high-quality, high-security locks designed primarily for storage units.

Do you keep a key to my storage unit?
​No — you are the only one who will have your key, so keep it in a safe place and remember where you put it.

Are your storage units heated and air-conditioned?
We offer heated and air-conditioned units in each size at all of our locations. These units are ideal for belongings or inventory that require extra protection from heat, cold or moisture.

What’s the difference between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit?
Indoor units are inside buildings, protected from the weather — some are on upper floors and can be accessed by a large elevator. Outdoor units are usually on the ground level and often offer convenient drive-up access.

Do you offer outdoor storage for RV’s, cars or boats?
No, we don’t, but we’d be happy to help find outside storage for you. Also, keep in mind that our larger drive-up units are big enough to fit many cars and boats.

When is my rent due?
Your rent is due on the same date each month, which will be the date your lease begins. For example, if you start renting on the eighth of the month, your rent will be due on the eighth of each month after that. We offer a grace period of ten days. A late fee of $25 will be charged on the 10th day after your rent is due and a second late fee of $40 will be charged on the 25th day after your rent is due.

Can I rent my storage space by the month?
Yes, our rental contracts are month-to-month agreements — you don’t need to sign a long-term lease.

If I sign a lease for six months or a year, do you offer a discount?
Check with your store manager to find out which plan is best for you. Remember that if you prepay your rent for six months, we’ll give you the 6th month half off. Pay for one year, and we’ll give you the 13th month free.

Will you give me a refund if I move out in the middle of the month?
Sorry, but no refunds for a partial month of occupancy. We will refund any prepaid rent for full months. To give you flexibility, if you tell us before the day your rent is due, we will prorate up to 2 weeks of an upcoming month’s rent.

How much notice do you require when I move out?
Please give us at least 72 hours notice before you move out, and let us know when you have vacated your unit.

When can I access my storage unit?
Your electronic gate code provides you access to your unit between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day of the year. If you need extended access hours, ask the location manager.

Can anyone else have access to my storage unit?
Yes, but only if you specifically authorize them. You can authorize additional people to access your unit by asking them to sign the authorized access form. The manager can provide the details and the form.

What’s the difference between access hours and office hours?
During access hours — between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. — you can use your gate code to access your storage unit. During office hours, our manager is available to answer your questions, accept your rental payments, and so on.

What if I lose my gate code or the key to my storage unit?
Call your Cubes manager during regular business hours, and he or she will be able to help you.

Will I need to insure the things I put into my storage unit?
Yes. You are responsible for the things you store at Cubes, and we require that you have insurance. You may be covered under your homeowner’s policy — check with your insurance agent to be sure. If not, you can purchase affordable storage insurance at the Cubes office.

What kind of documentation will I need to rent a storage unit?
You will need to provide a valid, government-issued form of identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.

Do you have hand carts or dollies I can use to help move in and out?
Yes, we have carts and dollies on hand, and you’re free to use them whenever you’re at Cubes.

How do I pay my monthly rent?
Cubes offers four convenient ways to pay:

  • Choose AutoPay.
  • Pay online at
  • Pay by mail. Mail your monthly payment to your Cubes location. Please include your storage unit number on your check or money order and make certain you mail it in time to arrive before the due date.
  • Pay in person. You are welcome to pay your rent at your Cubes storage center with cash, check, or credit card.